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#Baekhyun Love: BDay Seoul Guide

Big Day is coming & Baekhyun’s fans make all possible for it to be spectacular and memorable for our shining star! A lot of B fansites started huge birthday add campaign all over Seoul Metropolitan Subway! You can check the map in great resolution by clicking >> THIS LINK << (the map was made by <3)


And one truly amazing support from Baekhyun Bar at Incheon Airport! \o/

[Birthday Support Publicity: The First Bomb] In order to celebrate Baekhyun’s 25th birthday, Baekhyun Bar’s large LED ad support served at Incheon Airport’s luggage terminal area was starting to be on the line today,  birthday promotional video in “0408-0508” one month period will be played daily on scroll. The best support is worthy for the most precious one, Byun Baekhyun. Everyone please take a quick look to the video to see the result of it. Baekhyun Bar chose Incheon Airport Support solely for the sake of a better promotion for our Baekhyun, it’s now a cherry blossom season in Korea, so there will be a significant increase of tourist traffic number at Incheon Airport. Birthday support publicity to be continued!

Catch Baekhyun Bus from Baekhyun Bar as well!

For Baekhyun 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕


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