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Here you can find all wonderful things kpop idols and, overall, people in korean entertainment industry talking about Baekhyun, as an idol, as a singer, as a person. Memorable words for what he does and how hardwokring he is and also compliments and support for him \o/ Sharing the love for our talented star!

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Shim Jaewon, SM’s choreographer & art director, on Baekhyun’s strong points in terms of concert concept (from EXO’r’DIUM Live Album): 

“For Baekhyun, he is the guy who was born witty. Not only being capable in singing and dancing, even his skills in saying his ment are perfect. < > Once his starts talking about (his) vocals, he becomes more serious than ever. < > During “Monster” introduction part, after Baekhyun took off his shirt, he started to show off his sexy performances. “Monster” is a powerful song after “Mama” and “Overdose”. Thus, to show the fans the concept of this song, I decided to let Baekhyun to be in charge. His vocals are as good as his performance competencies and I know that I can build my trust on his dancing skills, thus I let Baekhyun to be in charge.Translation

DREAM MAKER Concert Directing Team on Baekhyun’s strongest points (from EXO’r’DIUM Live Album):

Baekhyun is really smart. He has great understanding of the concert / performances. Baekhyun was really handsome when he was hit by the water during the part when he danced using the lightsaber. He is also good at speaking and is EXO’s mood maker. < > He is like a professional.Translation [1] // Translation [2]

SISTAR’s Soyou on Baekhyun’s voice, as a reaction to #1 chartkiller news for :

“Baekhyun’s voice was so good and made the song come alive. I hope we have another chance to work together.” Source // Translation

Hong JongHyun (Baekhyun’s co-actor in Moon Lovers drama), talking about Baekhyun in his latest interview for newsen, November 07th, 2016:

He is really a great perfectionist. There is no flaw on him.Source // Translation

Z.Hera (Baekhyun’s co-actress in Moon Lovers drama, on Baekhyun during her Weibo chat:

He’s a real delight to the crew and the cast, he has a nice personality, everyone likes him a lot.~ He is very cheerful, he’s crew’s ball of happiness.” Translation

Lee Joon-gi (Baekhyun’s co-actor in Moon Lovers drama), showing support for Baekhyun in Star Show 360:

Hyunee is an energizer at the filming site. He took an active role in being a mood maker. He sang and danced; he came with many talents that made the actors laugh.” Source // Full translation

Kim Gyu Tae, Scarlet Heart: Ryeo’s  PD:

“For Baekhyun, his character (10th Prince) personality is very bright/cheerful and thus it fits him well. My daughter really likes EXO so I knew them (laughs). I watched EXO’s webdrama and asked Kyungsoo about Baekhyun taking up this role. He said that this role suits Baekhyun really well. I feel that because Baekhyun’s charm matches the character so well, he’s able to show good image. I can tell why Baekhyun is one of the best idols. He’s able to grow, learn and digest things fast. Most likely, Baekhyun might be able to become a new impressive actor who is able to attract lots of viewers.Source // Translation

Hong JongHyun (Baekhyun’s co-actor in Moon Lovers drama), during Cosmopolitan magazine shooting, August 2016 issue:

“Hyun-ee is cute. Among all of the guys I’ve met Hyun-ee is the cutest!  If he is so cute in my eyes, a guy’s eyes, what about in the eyes of other women? It was the first time I had that thought while looking at a guy.” Source // Translation credits

MZMC (one of the EX’ACT producers, song “Artificial Love”) on Baekhyun:

MM: Was there a particular part of the song that you were especially impressed with?
Yes. Baekhyun. His vocals on the chorus were amazing. You can tell he’s naturally a good singer because there’s a lot of strength in his voice. A lot of vocals get processed and edited in the post-production process, but you can tell that his vocals were touched just the bare minimum.Source

Lee Joon-gi (Baekhyun’s co-actor in Moon Lovers drama), on his IG account, June 14th, 2016:

“I ate well, Hyun~ keke” […] “I was surprised because the comments were so nice and pretty~ I can’t help but adore this friend [Baekhyun], because he’s so good at anything he does, it just shocks me~ He does so well~ Please look forward to his charms as an actor~ Thank you~” Source

AfreecaTV BJ Doboksoon, on May 15th, about Baekhyun’s honey voice:

“I feel in love with Baekhyun. Baekhyun-ssi. I like you. My heart thumps several times a day.” The message was posted along with screenshot of her streaming of Baekhyun’s ‘Beautifu’ OST on her blog. Source // Translation

K.Will, after The Day release on May 13th:

“When I was recording backvocals for TVXQ, Mr Lee Sooman said ‘We should do an album together~’. Keeping my promise in 13 years, with Baekhyun.” Source // Translation credits

Jea, Brown Eyed Girls, about Baekhyun in her interview, from April, 15th, 2016:

“I’ve noticed that the members of EXO are good singers, and Baekhyun-ssi, who did the duet with Suzy, has a great voice.Source // Translation credits

Jong Hwa Hong, SM Entertainment Senior Adviser/Composer (160411):

“Baekhyun has a charming prince-like image. In english it’ll be closer to “sophisticated” than to just “handsome”. […] I could feel that he has a lot of music talent.source // Translation credits

Scarlet Heart: Ryeo, production team about Baekhyun during filming:

Baekhyun is very passionate about acting, very talented, and has great concentration, so expect to see good acting. […] We think that you’ll be able to see Baekhyun in many more productions after this one.” Source // Translation credits

Shim Jaewon on his IG update:

#Mr Super Best Dancer Who Dances Better than Me”

D.O. about Baekhyun in his interview for RAY Magazine, April 2016 issue:

Baekhyun is someone with the gift of making the people around him happy. That’s his strength. He always plays around, like jokingly tapping you on the shoulder!” Translation

Lee Joon-gi (Baekhyun’s co-actor in Moon Lovers drama), in Allure Magazine interview, March 2016:

“These days I’m just totally into Hyun-ee (Baekhyun). I take care of all my hoobaes, but Hyunee especially draws my eye. So whenever I say anything, even just a random word, I end up directing my words to Hyunee. We live right next to each other so we see each other often, and since his acting history has been short, I want to take care even better of him. Whenever I see him he just make me smile/laugh. I’m feeling my age* really. (as in * he is “doting” more on his hoobae(s), like an older person would.” Source // Translation credits // Knets reaction

Park GeunTae, producer of “Dream” duet with Baek & Suzy:

From all the idols I’ve worked with, Baekhyun’s way to express his emotion is by far the best I’ve ever seen. Usually, to reach the quailty i want for a song, it could take about a day. For Baekhyun, we’re done with only 2 hours. […] I can’t even ask for more, I’m already satisfied with the way he shows his expression”. Source // Translation credits

Changmin (TVXQ):

In his handwritten letter as of December, 3rd, 2015, said “The one who I have very, extremely intense and high expectations for, Baekhyun-ie”. Source // Translation by snxy. Check memorable moments of them together during SMTown performance as well.

Kim Hyung Suk, well-known composer, “One Dream One Korea” recording, from sept.2015:

“There are no empty words. Why does this friend, EXO Baekhyun, sings this well? He sang twice and recording ended. Ho ho…” Source // Translation credits

Lee Seung Chul, lyricist, “I AM KOREA” documentary:

“Baekhyun received the OK sign in just one go. Even though he showed the desire to sing it one more time, the result is? ‘Baekhyun Recording Success!‘” Source // Translation credits

Jonghyun (SHINee), as DJ on MBC Blue Night Radio, talking about “Dream”:

“As I was always aware that Baekhyun had a great voice […] During his trainee days, as it was the voice I heard often, I had hopen many people would quickly realise that this friend’s lower vocal range was very charming […] Through this song I think that many people would have gotten to know it better.” English Sub credits // Youtube link

Byun Heesuk, “Singing in The Rain” Musical Director:

“Baekhyun, even at such a young age, is doing his best toward his duties like an adult. He wants to be on stage, he works hard, and he is always apologetic that he may inconvenience others. He is quite young for a musical actor, you know. He is an idol, meaning he has difficulties carrying on normal everyday life, but he still practices with good manners and diligence. He practices and practices again until his T-shirt is wet through and through,” saying that he was proud of the young actor. […] Baekhyun, in one word, is “daebak” (awesome).” Source // Translation credits

ELLE Korea Magazine, staff behind Baekhyun’s first solo pictorial:

“It is so charming no matter what he does, how can we not fall for him.” Source // Translation credits

Professor Nokyoo, from his new year “Singers with monkey zodiac sign” interview:

“His strength is that he listens to people well. So even if he is a leader, he’s still a tolerate and considerate one.” Source // Translation credits

Yixing about Baekhyun in EXO Second Box:

“I wish I had Baekhyun’s voice. You (adressing to B) can sing high pitch with strong voice. Good vibration, technique.

Shim Jaewon, SM choreographer about Baekhyun dancing skills (2012):

“At first I was worried that I can’t teach him well, he just joins for eleven months yet I have to teach him the same thing with the other members. He got two hours extra practicing (*seven hours/day for other members) everyday. He is not the powerful one, but he is the art. When talk about dance, I will go to Kai, with his perfection. But when you talk about “art”, definitely Baekhyun. His moves are delicate and smooth. He knows how to work on his expressions and gestures. Along with Kai, he is the one who can improvise their dance. When Kai is the strong-beast-sexy one, Baekhyun is the beautiful-chic one. He also gives an idea for Angel’s choreography. Even only for a small part, can you guess which part?” VIA


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