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#Baekhyun IG #KokoBop Comeback Teaser!

KokoBop ! #에리들생년월일 #기대해

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[DL] Photos from Baek’s KyoongParty, 2017 edition! ♥

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#HappyBaekhyunDay! An adoption made by BaekhyunBook for #Baekhyun Zootopia!

BaekhyunBook symbolically adopted a cute small but muscular wombat on behalf of Baekhyun for his 26th Birthday! 🎉

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#Baekhyun Love: BDay 2017 Seoul Guide

Big Day is coming yet again & Baekhyun’s fans make all possible for it to be beautiful and memorable for our shining star! A lot of B fansites started huge birthday add campaign with pretty advertising at Seoul Metropolitan Subway as well as bday buses! You can check the map in great resolution by clicking >> THIS LINK << (the map was made by dothelightB).

BaekhyunBar set another record with their love & support for B setting up the biggest Bday Project up to date, named 2017 Indulge In B and covering an entire subway train on airport line for the whole month!🌸 They also set up advertisements at Bucheon City Hall Station with THESE gorgeous ads! Part 2 of Indulge in B project are Subway Video Ads with 6176 LEDs inside Incheon Subway Lines 1 & 3🌸

🌸 Get Ready for Baekhyun’s Day! 🌸


#Baekhyun won New Star Award @ SBS Drama Awards!

Congratulations to our Baekhyun who won New Star Award @ 2016 SBS Drama Awards for his role of 10th Prince, Wang Eun! So proud and happy for you!


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#Baekhyun Birthday Party Highlight Video! [‘Hey Mama!’ MV EVENT]

The most anticipated video since CBX’s Hey Mama video hit 25 million views! \o/


don’t forget to keep streaming Hey Mama & Monster MVs!

#Baekhyun wins Popularity Drama Male Actor Award @ 2016 Asia Artist Awards!


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