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#Baekhyun & EXO’s wins @ 12th Anual Soompi Awards!

Finally the results are being announced and Baekhyun wins as a solo and within his collaboration works in next nominations:

  1. Best Collaboration for Dream with beautiful Suzy
  2. Best Idol Actor for his Wang Eun role in Scarlet Heart: Ryeo drama
  3. Best Drama OST for โ€œFor Youโ€ with Jongdae & Minseok


EXO wins Best Male Group, Artist of the Year and Kyungsoo’s web drama “Be Positive” wins Best Web Series Award! \o/

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#๋น„๊ฐ€์™€ (Rain) #1 On The Charts!

It’s 24 hours since ๋น„๊ฐ€์™€ (Rain) โ˜”๏ธ release & the collaboration song debuted at #1 on various music charts. Itย continued to stay #1 on Melon and Genie through out the day as well. The songย hasย 798,474ย unique listeners which is, no doubt, very impressive!

Also, Baekhyun becomes the 1st SM Artist to achieve All-Kill Status both in 2016 (with his collaboration with Suzy) and 2017! Check Soyou’s & Baekhyun’s reactions to #1 chartkiller news, with translations of wonderful wildhoney_bย ๐Ÿ’œ

You might also want to readย Billboard, who wrote about the duet, complimenting the song & Soyou’s and Baekhyun’s voices \o/ And don’t forget to check the lyricsย ๐Ÿ’œ

Keep streamingย ๋น„๊ฐ€์™€ (Rain) โ˜”๏ธย on Melon, Genie, Mnet, Naver & Olleh


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Suzy & #Baekhyun win Digital Bonsang at 21st Golden Disk Awards!

โคCongratulations to Suzy and Baekhyun for winning Digital Bonsang at 21st Golden Disk Awards for their beautiful Dream collaboration!ย โค


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#Baekhyun won New Star Award @ SBS Drama Awards!

Congratulations to our Baekhyun who won New Star Award @ 2016 SBS Drama Awards for his role of 10th Prince, Wang Eun! So proud and happy for you!


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#Baekhyun & Suzy wins Best R’n’B/Soul for Dream at Melon Music Awards 2016!


Awards EXO received as a group at MMA 2016: Top 10; Kakao Hot Star, Dance Male (Monster); Netizen Choice; Artist of the Year!


p.s. Suzy wasn’t attending this ceremony, and unfortunately Baek didn’t come up the stage to receive the award, the photo from HeyDay is used solely for the beauty of this post ^^ Let’s hope we’ll get Dream performance soon!ย โค๏ธ

#Baekhyun wins Popularity Drama Male Actor Award @ 2016 Asia Artist Awards!


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Baekhyun & Suzy Dream duet collaboration wins its first award on Music Bank!

Congratulations to the whole team behind this wonderful collab, Baekhyun & Suzy for giving it their sweet soft vocals and of course fans who helped a lot with streaming & downloading!

Baekhyun x Suzy Music Bank Score (January 15th)

65% Digital 4,229;

10% Viewer 0;

20% Broadcast 0;

5% Physical 0

#Dream1stWinย ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰


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