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#Baekhyun’s Kyoong Party: A Sequel!

A promise by Baekhyun is a promise ❤


Tickets cost ₩22,000 each & are available on yes24. Ticketing starts on 20.04.17.

p.s. Global Package is already sold out >.<

#Baekhyun to release ‘바래다줄게’ on April 14th!

Baekhyun will release a solo song titled ‘바래다줄게’, through SM Station Season 2 on 6pm, April 14th! The song is going to be out on MelOn, Genie, Naver Music, and other music sites, simultaniously with Music Video on SM Official Youtube Channel, Naver and others.  Teaser video is expected to be released on 0am, April 8th, heightening expectation for Baek’s new song. (his second solo after EXO’s webdrama OST “Beautiful”).


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#Baekhyun to release a solo song for SM Station Season 2!

As it was revealed by Spoiler Alert: Station Season 2 teaser Baekhyun is going to have a solo song that is called 바래다줄게 (I’ll walk you)❤

The date of release is yet to be announced.


#CBX are confirmed to debut in Japan in May!

CBX Japan debut in May is confirmed through Line Live Special broadcast that happend today, on March 10th! 



#Baekhyun & Sistar’s Soyou to release a collaboration song as part of StarshipX project on February 14th!

☔️ The song is called 비가와, or It’s Raining/The Rain is Falling & it’s going to be released on February 14th! ☔️


source  || knetz reaction || source

#Baekhyun and Suzy to perform Dream for the very first time at 2016 MAMA!


source  // Don’t forget to vote for EXO and Baekhyun HERE!!


#Scarlet Heart: Ryeo OST part.1 “My Person” to be released on August 25th!


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