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[Exclusive]: Introducing Privé by BBH

Introducing Privé by BBH, a Unisex Streetwear Label From EXO’s Baekhyun:

A new label is smartly tapping into Baekhyun’s selling power and social media incredible influence by appointing him to his own brand: Privé by BBH, which will launch July 1 with an initial six-piece collection of unisex streetwear, to be followed by monthly drops.

“Lately, I’d been thinking that I’d like to wear clothes that my thoughts have gone into,” Baekhyun tells Vogue. “And so, I was so incredibly excited to collaborate with Privé—because I too love streetwear, I wanted to make street clothes!” The star describes his own style as hewing to easy basics that still catch the eye—his ideal summer outfit, for instance, is a white tee and jeans—ergo his preference for the simple sweats that characterize most streetwear. “When you imagine comfy and cool clothes, it’s definitely streetwear, isn’t it?” he adds, smiling.”

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#Baekhyun singing Korea’s National Anthem for IOC Opening Ceremony!



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#Baekhyun’s Kyoong Party: A Sequel!

A promise by Baekhyun is a promise ❤


Tickets cost ₩22,000 each & are available on yes24. Ticketing starts on 20.04.17.

p.s. Global Package is already sold out >.<

#EXO-CBX debut with Hey Mama!

New teasers of #Baekhyun for EXO-CBX debut!

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#Baekhyun’s teaser photo for EXO-CBX unit debut!


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New HQ Stills with #baekhyun from #ScarletHeart drama!


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