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#비가와 (Rain) #1 On The Charts!

It’s 24 hours since 비가와 (Rain) ☔️ release & the collaboration song debuted at #1 on various music charts. It continued to stay #1 on Melon and Genie through out the day as well. The song has 798,474 unique listeners which is, no doubt, very impressive!

Also, Baekhyun becomes the 1st SM Artist to achieve All-Kill Status both in 2016 (with his collaboration with Suzy) and 2017! Check Soyou’s & Baekhyun’s reactions to #1 chartkiller news, with translations of wonderful wildhoney_b 💜

You might also want to read Billboard, who wrote about the duet, complimenting the song & Soyou’s and Baekhyun’s voices \o/ And don’t forget to check the lyrics 💜

Keep streaming 비가와 (Rain) ☔️ on Melon, Genie, Mnet, Naver & Olleh


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[DL HQ scans + Interview] #Baekhyun for NYLON Korea, October issue


Full translation of interview can be read HERE

scan credits, compilation credits


#Baekhyun and #Sehun food support for EXO-Ls ❤️

“Aeris ya, Daddy needs to work today so I’m leaving first. If you see this, please chew your food slowly and thoroughly, and stay healthy! Let’s meet later ^^”


source || translation (by wonderful Ven!) || Pann

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[DL + Interview] HQ scans of #Baekhyun from EX’ACT album, 4 versions

>>>> DL LINK for EXact Album Jacket, 4 versions <<<<

scan credits: SpringLight506

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#TheDay to be out on May, 13th, 0.00AM KST!

🎤 🎤 



source: [1], [2]

Cute account from drama filming: #Baekhyun & Grape Juice

IU’s Scarlet Heart: Ryeo Support Truck Post review – Baekhyun and his Grape Juice – cute account from filming location! 😊😊


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Talented Boy #Baekhyun

Guide to the actors of “Global Trend” EXO

Baekhyun: is very passionate about acting, very talented, and has great concentration, so expect to see good acting. […] We think that you’ll be able to see Baekhyun in many more productions after this one.


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